At Sonitas we understand that the administrational workload of online subscriptions often demand more time and resource than you have to give. Assisting end users with the management of electronic subscriptions is therefore a natural extension of our subscription service. Sonitas has the systems and services in place to ensure that electronic subscription management is streamlined for the end user thereby ensuring better resource management to our clients.

The following is normally required to access the electronic/online version of a publication from an electronic service provider (hereinafter referred to as an ESP):

  • Subscriber number and/or,
  • Password – (can be chosen by the client or provided by the ESP) and/or,
  • User name/ID – (can be chosen by the client or provided by the ESP) and or,
  • Personal specific information of the client and/or,
  • The completion of an online access registration document and/or,
  • The IP address/gateway identification of the client and/or,
  • A written agreement between the client and the ESP.

The client will normally be required to log on to the website of the ESP and complete an online registration document to gain access to the electronic/online version of the publication. The information required in this document is predominantly known to the client and not the subscription agency. During this process the ESP will usually assign a password and/or user name/ID to the client. It stands to reason that it will be impractical for Sonitas Ad Vitam cc to perform this function on the client’s behalf as the client will be in possession of the required information to complete the online access document.

Sonitas Ad Vitam cc will forward all information pertinent to the online registration documents, received from the publishers and ESP’s, to the client to enable them to complete the online registration process. Sonitas will also communicate with the publishers and ESP’s on the client’s behalf in those instances where the client is unable to communicate with or contact the ESP.

It should be noted that written agreements (if required) between the client and the ESP would normally preclude an agency from being a party thereto. In this case Sonitas will obtain the agreement from the ESP and forward it to the client for signature. Sonitas will also forward the agreement back to the ESP once signed by the Department.

Sonitas will assist the client in obtaining access to the electronic or online versions of the publications.

Sonitas will also assist the client in communicating with the ESP’s in the event of troubleshooting the electronic or online access to the publications.