• At Sonitas we assign a key account manager to each contract for fast, reliable and personal contact that will eliminate multiple publisher contacts and the related administrative work for our end users.
  • Every key account manager have experience in all aspects of the sourcing, ordering and distribution of local and overseas journals, magazines, periodicals, books (textbooks and others) as well as subscription management and are actively involved in the day to day running of the business.

Execution Plan
A – Ordering

  1. Obtain the title list required by the client.
  2. Contact the publishers or distributors local or abroad regarding the availability and prices of the required titles.
  3. Submit formal quotation or tender to the client for approval.
  4. Quotations or tenders will only reflect prices in respect of the titles where the publisher or distributor has confirmed the availability and prices of the titles.
  5. If the quotation or tender is accepted (via an official order) the client is invoiced for the subscriptions.
  6. Invoices will reflect the quoted prices, titles and the order number/s.
  7. Request invoices from the publishers or distributors local or abroad.
  8. Effect payment of the invoices received from the publishers or distributors local or abroad.
  9. Maintain general liaison with the client regarding all issues relating to the subscriptions.

B – Deliveries

  1. All publications ordered will be send directly to the client from the publishers to ensure quicker deliveries.
  2. Orders to clients in the Pretoria area will be hand-delivered by us on a weekly basis.
  3. In the event of the non delivery of subscriptions Sonitas will, within 48 hours of being made aware of the non delivery, forward a request to the publisher to send a replacement copy. The client will be issued with a progress report within 5 days of receiving such claim. It should take between 2 and 4 weeks for the replacement copy to arrive from the date that the publisher was informed of the non delivery.
  4. It should be noted that the delivery of the subscriptions would be initiated within 2 to 8 weeks following the date of the ordering thereof. This window of 2 to 8 weeks is also influenced by the level of service from the overseas publisher or distributor. After the initiation of the orders, the deliveries will be executed within 60 days of the publication dates.

C – Increase/Decrease of journal titles during the contract period

  1. All journals are annual subscriptions paid in advance. With a few exceptions, the publishers will not allow for a refund of subscription fees paid when cancelling a subscription during the subscription year. It is suggested that when deciding to cancel a subscription, this be done at the end of the subscription year. If this is not possible, Sonitas Ad Vitam cc will forward the cancellation request to the publisher, within 7 working days of having received such request from the client. Sonitas will then reimburse the client with all monies received from the publisher in those instances where the publisher has agreed to refund the subscription fee, or portion thereof, on the cancellation of the subscription.
  2. New subscription requests will be accommodated along the same procedure as set out in paragraph A above. These requests are not as time sensitive as the cancellation of subscriptions, and can be executed any time during the contract period.In essence Sonitas functions as an independent freelance agent and has no formal agency agreement with any publisher or distributor. As such, Sonitas is not bound by agency conditions and is not obliged to deal with certain publishers or distributors exclusively.Sonitas can source, acquire and supply any foreign or local subscription of journals, magazines and periodicals to the client if such a subscription is available. Sonitas can also supply back issues of journals, magazines and periodicals in those instances where they are available.